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We offer multiple pricing tiers for teams of all sizes.

Whether you're managing 10 coaches or a staff of 10,000, Ankored has you covered.


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Unlimited Requirements?

No limit to the number of custom requirements or requirements from the Ankored library.

Unlimited Roles?

Each role type has specific permissions that go with it, but you can create and rename an unlimited number of roles (i.e. Coach, Volunteer, Trainer, Lifeguard etc).

Unlimited Groups?

Groups provide a seamless way to categorize and arrange your users, aligning with your specific organizational structure.

Integrated Background Checks?

Allows users to complete background checks directly inside the platform via an existing integrated provider.

Integrated Abuse Prevention Training?

Allows users to complete sexual abuse prevention training directly within the platform via an existing integrated provider.

Custom Requirements?

Ankored has both integrated services providers and the ability to create many different kinds of custom requirements including videos, waivers, files and forms.

Workflow Tools?
Ankored speeds each user and admin through their tasks and requirements to expedite the process.

Automated Alerts & Reminders?

Ankored automates follow ups, reminders, notifications, alerts and more so yo don't have to.


Ankored gives you real-time detailed and customized reporting by group, role, requirement, and more. See the big picture or drill down to any level.

Access to Integrated Services & Trainings?

We include integrations for content, training, and services with leading service providers including background checks, abuse prevention training, American Red Cross and more.

Document Uploads?

Allows users to upload documents, certificates, and files to complete requirements or attach to their profile.

QR Code of Compliance Status?

Creates a unique QR code for each user that, when scanned, shows requirement and compliance status.

Public Sign up URLs?

Generate public links for any user to instantly join your organization and get assigned the correct requirements. You don't even have to know who they are in advance - perfect for volunteers.

Background Check Adjudication?

Ankored allows you to adjudicate any document uploaded by a user or a background check that gets flagged by the provider. 

Data Migration?

Ankored makes it super easy to import a spreadsheet of existing people and their already completed requirements into the platform.

Requirement Review/Approval?

Optional Requirements?

Make certain requirements "optional" for your users to complete.

Document Preservation?

Ankored automatically preserves a user's documents within the platform for 7 years.

Parks & Rec Mgmt Software?

Sync users from your existing team management software to Ankored and sync each user's compliance status.

Automated Red Cross Integration?

Allow users to automatically pull their existing Red Cross Certifications into the platform to complete applicable requirements.

Team Mgmt Software?

Custom Video Trainings?

Create custom training videos and assign them to your users as requirements.

Allow User Uploaded Background Checks?

Use Your Own Background Check Provider?

Allows users to upload a completed background check without the Ankored integration.

Custom Sign-up Pages?

Create a custom webpage for your organization to share information and to help guide users to the correct camp or group (this is not registration).

Safesport Integration?

Sync a user's SafeSport status with their Ankored profile.

Custom Language & co-branding?

Allows you to customize the alerts and notification language and branding.

Detailed Audit Log?

Ankored can store a very detailed audit log of each user beyond just their documents.

Don’t See What You Need?

If you're not sure which tier is right for you, need additional services or have a custom need, drop us a note.

We would love to learn more and discuss how Ankored can be tailored to meet your organizational needs.

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